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Holodnyi Mykola (Hungry Mykola)

Address: Stryiska street, 352
Phone: (032) 232-96-06
Web: http://kumpelgroup.com/restaurants/hungry-mukola/
Work time 12:00-24:00
The largest Galician cuisine restaurant in the world will is located in suburban on Stryiska street. There is the place for goodies, fun, and loud parties, separated from the main hall. The only one left hungry – will be the “Hungry Mykola” himself.

One of the specialties of this restaurant is fresh trout which is taken from the pond inside the restaurant. You may even catch fish for yourself and it will be cooked, baked or smoked – for your choice. But you may choose from bigger veriety of local dishes, based on meat, paultry, fish or vegetarian.

There are also places for kids outside and inside the restaurant, special nannies and kids menu.